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Sunday, January 25, 2009 RELINK (:

3:54 AM


Sunday, January 11, 2009

A few hours away till the collection of 'O' level results.
fancinating thing is, i am not ready. though i really hope that
i will do as i expected or better. anything beyond that, i have nothing to
say. i didn't re-dyed my hair yet. didn't want to, there's no time.
now, i shall accommodate all the time i have and do some yoga
to get rid of the butterflies in my stomach.

7:27 PM


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

class outing + aunty's & twins' birthday :D
and this is taking too long....

my adorable cousins :))

Birthday people :D

Sandcastle or pancake? LOL, you decide. kidding. rofl.

Team blue.( i think)

Team black.( i think) i went there late - duh.


X - zactly? LOL.


some random person took by hamizan.

Surita is camera shy

Amalina & Surita's showdown!

Dinnie & Kam's showdown!

Hamizan & his melodramatic actions. LOL.
he looked like a dead fish out of water.
The boys Playing Monkey.


landscape :)

Dinnie & Rahmat.

OH! did i forgot to mention the photographers of the day?
lets see, there's....
Hamizan's nikon

Ykid's canon
last but not least , my sony. ( grabbed from Ykid)
Iskandar & Khair classic.

Atira. i wasn't able to capture atira's pretty face. i always shoot her blinking! ):

One of the many landscapes hamizan took ( with my DSLR).

Rahmat. LOL.



sani boy.


Kak Ros.



Mr kam.


the cake saimosa made :D

i shall not let you see my minah face. LOL.
anyway, anybody knows when is O level's result coming out?
i've heard that the news will inform us this wednesday.
i betting on 12th. it's the lastest date ever considered afterall....

4:15 AM


Monday, January 05, 2009

hmmmm, so i literally starve myself today.
i almost die. but i survived, surprisingly.

cause my mum forced me to eat. my stomach left me with no choice either.
and so, my entire twilight series will be staying at girlfriend's
for awhile. i'm trying to plan my entire next week,
so that i have time to re-read the host.
not to mention that i have so many things to update!
so many events i have yet to share...
just because i was stuck at home struggling to complete
my rollercoaster tycoon game.
oh well, it's really entertaining though. lol.
and i'm lazy to get my msn re-download at my house's com.
such a chore. i mean, to download like, photoshop trail, wimp, msn,
etc etc all over again. really, it's no fun at all.
pictures will be up v v soon. sorry for those that needs the class photo
and such, i will try to post it up as soon as possible for
y'all to grab. :D
i am also having twilight problems these days.
about midnight sun's being publish or not ( so that i can have the complete collection),
taylor lautner may not be our jacob black no more :'(,
oh wait, that sums up everything. LOL. okay, thats all. :/

4:26 AM



Superhuman - Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson